Monday, 5 March 2012

The Tear-Jerking Kind

There are alot of movies out there that can make people cry and for me a majority of them are animal movies. I've never watched "Bambi", wouldn't dare to, I'm sure I'd cry especially when Bambi's mum gets shot. I've watched "Milo & Otis", actually many times when I was a child. Each time I cried. I couldn't handle it when Milo got in the basket and got swept away in the current of the river. I couldn't handle the idea that Milo and Otis were going to be separated, perhaps never see each other again. What if Milo drowned when the basket capsized? What if Otis never found him in that hole? What if their friendship was lost forever from the distance? I could not bear the thought.
I cried during "Pippy Longstocking". Can't remember exactly when or why, I just did. So did my best friend.
I cried watching "The Muppets Take Manhattan" while Kermit was singing when all the Muppets separate after a failed theatre venture.
I can't quite remember if I cried during "An American Tail", the movie about a little mouse that gets separated from his family (there's a re-emerging and painful theme here) and washes up in America. My Nanna could tell you if I did or not. She could also tell you that I used to sing "Somewhere Out There" at the top my lungs repeatedly after she took me to see the film. She regretted it for weeks as I yodelled my way around her house. I don't see what she was complaining about, she could have just taken her hearing aids out.
The most recent film to make me cry was "Red Dog". Though forewarned there are sad parts I still watched it and bawled my eyes out for the entirity of the second half of the movie. I almost missed an afternoon tea with friends because I was too busy crying till my face hurt. The other night Damian saw that I had "Red Dog" amongst my DVD collection and asked to watch it. I brang it out for him and warned him that it's likely to make him cry. He point-blank refused to watch it purely on the basis that it was going to make him cry (neither of us like to be seen crying). I've caught him watching a movie that made him cry before ("Veronica Guerin" starring Cate Blanchett by the way). Big deal! There's only one person that I know that hasn't cried watching that film. But the discovery that Damian also cannot handle watching movies that will make him cry especially when they involve animals makes me feel so much better especially since he is not a child. Thank goodness I'm not the only sap!