Thursday, 31 December 2015

Twenty Fifteen

Happy Hogmanay (Scottish for New Year)! It’s that time for my annual reflection. 2015 was a momentous year for me. For a significant chunk of it I worked two jobs. I officially finished my “first” year of my bachelor of law (it has taken me 3 years to do so). I got to celebrate the 30th birthday of my best friend since childhood in Adelaide, as well as my own 30th birthday and my cousins’ 21st.  I sadly said goodbye to a number of people: Tony, Tommy and Grandma Haby and some close friends of mine moved away back to South Australia. However, all the birthdays mentioned and the passing of my Grandma meant that I went to Adelaide a record three times in one year. And every time I flew out again it pulled on my heart strings. At least I got to see Dad twice and nearly all of my family across those three trips.
In September I signed paperwork to say I would be in debt forever as I bought 74 acres north of Katherine. Big enough for me, the horses and Kip. It’s complete with two dams, brand new fencing, a capped bore and the standard weed problem.
More minor milestones include the most useless working dog ever finally figuring out the impact she has on cattle (in a positive way). She surprised me twice in the year. I had a good calving rate despite the fact Capone was probably not responsible for ALL the calves. His wigglers were tested and came up average so he’s not underperforming but a fence jumper could be the baby daddy of some of the calves.
The ever lame Ruby finally found some relief in the form of my friends’ skill in Bowen therapy. Charger is still soldiering on despite reaching 24 years old. Two friends enjoyed rides on him as well as a newby from Switzerland. He liked taking the newby for a ride, his cheeky and sadistic sense of humour shone through that day but she enjoyed herself and didn’t fall off so yay for me! I finally bought a saddle. It only took me four years to get my act together and a number of months to pay it off.
I got to spend two weeks with some barristers in Adelaide so I could get a much better insight into the legal sector. I spent a lot of time in the Magistrates Court sitting in on criminal cases (a psycho stalker, a hydroponics enthusiast, two trespass cases (one of them included a previously convicted neo-Nazi and most of the witnesses were bogan liars), an alleged rapist, an alleged assault and a bunch of smugglers or something or other). I spent a day in the industrial relations court (where there was another witness that wouldn’t stop lying). There were a few mentions that included a rather messy and expensive divorce and a real estate dispute. There was also an inheritance dispute where the respondent didn’t even bother to show up. One of the barristers gave me a research project which made me feel less like a loafer/tag-along.
I became a finalist for the Rural Women’s Award (finalist by default). This led me to head off to Brisbane for a Rural Leaders Bootcamp with a co-worker which was an excellent course. I also got to see a smidgen of Brisbane while I was there which I hadn’t seen since I was 12.
There’s been a lot of learning, growing, sadness, happiness and challenge this previous year and every part of that rollercoaster was worth it because a merry-go-round is rather boring in comparison.