Saturday, 16 June 2012



I have always been known for having long hair whether it be when I was a child or now as an adult. Some people though don't realise how long my hair is as it is kept in a permanent bun.
Sometimes I let the length get a little ridiculous. When I was 8 my Nanna struggled to brush my long hair one school holidays and I decided that it was time to cut it despite a competition I'd been having with another girl in my class to see who's hair could grow the longest by the end of the school year.
In 2007 whilst on Kidman Springs Station my hair was so long that the weight alone pulled it out of a bun especially when riding horses. It was so stupidly long that when it fell out of its updo the tail of my hair would get caught between my butt and the saddle and would jerk my head back if I was trotting or cantering. A visit from my mother in early 2008 sorted that out with a big chop. The Rapunzel look was over.
My hair grows at such a fast rate that it doesn't take long to get back to an obscene length. These days I have resorted to cutting it myself. After washing my hair I lean over, flip my hair over, comb it a bit and snip, snip, snip then ask the nearest person for their opinion on whether it is straight or not.
It takes alot of work to have a head of hair like mine. Just not mine in particular. It gets washed once a week or when it feels gross. It gets brushed even less. It can take anything between half an hour to an hour to brush out the rats nest. Over the last month I have done it twice. Once for the races. Once for an up-coming engagement party. Surprisingly though, after brushing my hair this time round, my hair managed to stay in a bun all day. Normally it doesn't if my hair is brushed so that's why it doesn't happen all that often. As per usual though I managed to put together a hair ball that would put even the hairiest cat to shame. The hair balls get so big that it's hard to even see the bristles of the brush.
I must sound terribly feral, but there's a few people out there that already think I'm a bush pig so what do I care. As long as I don't have any dickhead princes trying to climb my golden locks, all is well. 

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