Monday, 5 December 2016

For Christmas I Want...

I got asked by my sister today what I’d like for Christmas. I didn’t know. Which doesn’t help her but quite frankly what I want can’t be given because what I want for Christmas can’t be bought (well, some of it).

For Christmas I want to be with my family. The tickets are bought (including return tickets that I don’t really want to use) and I will spending my Christmas on KI with Dad, my sister, her family, maybe my eldest brother and some friends.

For Christmas I would like more time in each day; more time to ride my horses, more time to read books, more time to spend with friends. More time to do the things I generally enjoy doing. More time to study and work would compromise (despite the goals and much needed money) the time spent doing what I love.

For Christmas I would like the valuer to pull his head in and just say “Yes, that’s a reasonable amount of money to spend building a house and no, I don’t need all those finicky, bollocky details I’m requesting of you and your builder to make this process more difficult and annoying, I’m just having your leg”. For Christmas I want to start building my house.

For Christmas I would like some inner-peace and less stress. That is all.

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